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Welcome to The Business of Fitness

Let us tell you more about the program!

The Business of Fitness program is a comprehensive business building program designed specifically for personal trainers. 

For new trainers looking to start a business or existing trainers hoping to grow their business, The business of Fitness has you covered!

Throughout 6 modules we will take you and your business from conception, through legal and startup, into online presence, marketing, programming and more. We've left no stone unturned!

Module 1

Business Basics

In Business Basics we will cover 5 sections to get you and your business off on the right foot! We know the early stages of business can be the most uncertain so we've included a step-by-step road map to ensure you have all the tools necessary to feel confident in your success as a business owner.

Personal Training Format

Education & Certifications

Business Models

Legal & Startup

Branding Yourself

Module 2

Online Presence

In Online Presence we will cover 3 in depth sections to help establish your digital footprint. With social media and the internet always at our fingertips, we will help you leverage the digital world to grow and build a business you can be proud of!


Website Design

Social Media

Free Content

Module 3

Growth & Marketing

In Growth and Marketing we will cover 3 sections that will help you position yourself to maximize your earning potential. While many personal trainers find marketing overwhelming, we have designed this module to help turn marketing into one of your greatest strengths!




Marketing Strategies

Module 4

The Client Experience

In The Client Experience we will cover 4 sections that will help you create the perfect experience for your clients. We understand how intimidating the first point of contact can be with a new client, so we've designed a system in module 4 to help take the guess work out of your onboarding process!

The Initial Assessment

Client Discovery



Module 5

Sustaining Your Business

In Sustaining Your Business we will cover 4 sections that will help ensure that you can sustain and maintain the amazing business you are creating. Our goal is to make sure the hardest part of building a successful business is behind you. In module 5 we will implement strategies to help make maintaining your business feel effortless!


Record Keeping

Program Design


Module 6

Secrets To Success

In Secrets to Success we will cover 2 in depth sections that will outline some of the best kept practices for achieving a high level of financial success while fulfilling your dreams in the fitness industry. This module covers some of the little known perks of working in the industry, lessons we've learned, strategies to prevent burnout and so much more!



Referral Systems

Tips & Strategies