Walk it like you talk it!

Do your methods match your mantra? Does your life reflect what you preach? In any profession, there are rules and codes of conduct to follow. A lot of businesses have a motto, and a mission statement that reflects their character. But does it really? I am sure we can all think of someone who has personally wronged us or a business that has breached some sort of promise.

Does this rock your trust? Of course! As it should. However, it’s easy to understand that it’s hard at times to follow through with the phrases we press upon others. So how can we ensure that we are walking the walk? Keep reading to find out some major ways to ensure your lifestyle matches your words in your business.

Make sure you are doing things to protect your time and energy.

-As the Snickers bar commercials say, “You aren’t you when you’re hungry.” But this can be anything, you aren’t you when you’re upset, you aren’t you when you’re angry, hungry, cold, tired, hot etc.

When your energy and time is compromised with an essential need, you’re mentally imbalanced and can compromise your work. Make sure you take care of yourself first before taking care of your clients. Get your sleep, hydrate, fuel yourself and keep your attitude in check so you can give more of yourself to your work.

Love people and be sincere,

-Sincerity goes a long way, and is the most transparent quality to have. Your clients will be able to tell pretty quickly if you truly care about them, their goals, and their success in your program. The quicker you become real with your clients and try to love them where they are, the more they will believe in your system; whatever that may be! It also will give you a clearer idea if you and your client are a good fit.

Practice what you preach.

- It is not in your best interest to be telling your clients cardio is the key to weight loss but then post on your social media that you have never done cardio in your weight loss journey. Make sure before you deliver workouts with your clients, they make sense and you have done some version of it before.

If you’re googling exercises and telling your clients to do hang cleans, but have never done Olympic lifts before, it probably is not in your best interest to be having your clients do so. Understand that as a professional, you must be one; take the time to curate your style of workouts and try them out for yourself!

Activate your mind and body, daily.

- A great way to stay connected with your mission statement is to keep your mind and body alert every day. Prioritize your health, keep your mind sharp, and your body moving. Your health is a gift and when you live every day with gratitude through how you treat your mind and body, it becomes easier to stay connected with your character.

I hope these four ways help you channel your energy and connect with your character. How we represent ourselves is a huge aspect in our business. Stay more in checked with who you are by being intentional. Walk it like you talk it!

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