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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Do you ever just sit back and think about what your wildest dreams are? Now begin to narrow in and focus on what keeps coming back to the frontlines of your ambitions. The dream that keeps re-appearing in your victories, your high points, even when you’re frustrated and when you’re inspired. NOW imagine that dream coming to LIFE. Vision. Ambition. Action. Your dream is taking off and it’s being nurtured to success.


That’s how we feel starting this business and that’s how we want to make you feel starting your OWN business! So what do we do? We provide the building blocks to run and start your very own fitness business.

{Who we are..}

We are ambitious, creative entrepreneurs with a heart that wants to help those just starting out in their fitness careers. The secrets of starting a successful business shouldn’t be a secret! Community, connectivity and helping others is our mission field. We want to empower the

young, the new, and the inexperienced to be confident in their career path, confident in the direction of where they are taking their new business and confident in their ability to transform lives.

{What are we doing..}

College leaves you with a fancy degree that you worked your tail off for. A certification leaves you with a head full of multiple choice knowledge. Sports leaves you with experience, endurance and perspective. Your weight loss journey leaves you with passionate inspiration.

You’ve hit the ground running but where…?

What’s next…? What even is an LLC? Do you need business insurance? How do you market yourself? How do market your gym? What makes you unique? Where to begin..

OR maybe you’ve been training for awhile but you don’t know how to grow your career and take it to the next level.

We are developing a step by step program to help you be the BEST, most SUCCESSFUL, personal trainers and business owners you can be! Whether you’re working at a gym right now just starting your journey, or you’re sitting at home dreaming of the places you’ll go and the lives you want to impact; we want to help you.

We are directing all our energy and time into giving you all the tips into being a successful entrepreneur. With online programs and in person training, we are creating modules that will prepare you to take on the business world and know how to work with people.

From business fundamentals to how to retain clients, we want to train and re-train the world of fitness professionals. Form, function, retention, sincerity, and sustainability are just a few of the things we will instill and teach you in order to become the best fitness professional you can be. So what do you say?

Keep following us, tag along in the journey and be on the lookout of our program launch! Get to know all of us personally, see how we operate, what drives us, what makes us successful, and what makes us real. We don’t want to share just what we do but who we are.

{Why are we starting this business..}

Somewhere along the lines, whether it’s our degree that guides us, our parents, or our passion-we figure out what we want to do. Degrees and certifications tell you what you need to know to qualify, but don’t tell you what it takes to be qualified past that. Don’t get me wrong credentials are essential but when the mountain is set before you, who is going to help you climb to the top?

WHERE DO YOU START?! From the left? The right? The forest side? The smooth steep side or the rocky side? WE want to help you. We want to be your guides. Let us help navigate you through all the scary parts so you can be well on your way to the top safely, securely, and confidently.

Welcome to The Business of Fitness. Take your time, browse around, get to know each of us and what we want to bring to the table. We love people and we love dreamers, so let’s dream and build together!

Stay tuned this week for an introduction from each of us! We can’t wait to be in touch.

Catch ya soon!

The Fit Business

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