Serena Smitham

Hi friends!! My name is Serena! My little love affair with fitness includes an 18 year softball career ending at the university level, countless team sports, a deep passion for running, a short stint as a barrel racer, snowboarding, the occasional wakeboarding ride, surfing and most recently I learned to golf!

God created my heart to be filled with a fierce love for helping others which led me into a 13 year career as a personal trainer. I will never forget training my very first client at 19 years old (and how I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing) because it was where I first had the idea to build a program like @thefitbusiness! Ohhhh how I wished I had someone to help me back then… many MANY tears were shed! Since then, I have earned my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Exercise Science and I have clocked more than 25k hours of personal training. Figuring out a thing or two about this personal training thing along the way!

I have a huge passion for personal development and exploring new experiences. My friends like to joke that I’ve never met a stranger I didn’t love! Overall, I believe that life is meant to be lived fully and enjoyed thoroughly and both of those things are easy to do when you keep a joyful heart at the center of everything that you do. The fitness industry has become such a huge part of my life and has provided an amazing outlet for me to connect with and share my passion for health and wellness with all of these wonderful humans on this planet. I’m so incredibly grateful to include you in this world I have grown to love so much!

I believe that we are all called to fill a unique space in this world and that the universe needs your gifts and abilities! We were all made to do amazing, life changing things and you are so deserving of everything you want in your life! I cannot wait to know you my newest, most amazing, incredibly, bright, talented, brave friend!

Love you already!


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