Matthew Hickey

Hello Everyone!

My name is Matthew Hickey, but most call me Matt.

I have nearly 20 years of experience with various training and coaching styles, such as Power Lifting, Strength, Speed, Circuit, Body Weight, and marathon training.. as well as Yoga. I love being active and am very open minded to experiencing nee activities, techniques, and styles of fitness and sports.

Fitness and training have been consistent things in my life since a young age. As an under-sized athlete of 140lbs, playing College Baseball, they served as an equalizer in an an environment of athletes who were bigger, stronger, and faster.

Although my Business Degree led me to the corporate world of Finance, I always had a strong desire to thrive in a career of Physical Training and help other equally motivated individuals. Like many of you, I did not know how to establish myself in this industry, nor gain the necessary exposure to succeed. I did know, as with all the best things in life, it would take hard work, time, a lot of effort, and most of all, passion.

Training has allowed me to connect with people and help them (as well as myself!) become the best version of themselves. I admire the true grit and dedication that people show as they are working to complete and conquer their goals!

I am ALWAYS inspired!

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