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Less Expectations, More Goals

What is the difference between a goal and an expectation? Are we not taught to expect greatness and live in faith for an expected result? A goal and an expectation can look similar but the deeper you dig, the more you will realize they are very different. Expectations is us setting the path for how we will arrive at the destination. Expectations has control as the underlying motivator. It puts the pressure of achieving something in a specific way. Life NEVER goes exactly as we plan; we can’t see the end of anything. When we live encircled by expectations, we choke out our goals. Expectations causes us to measure up every step we take on a journey. It is so stifling to live this way! So how do we set specific goals without expectations?

1.) Live in gratitude. Gratitude is the attitude to rebuke every bit of ill thoughts our brain musters up. From the minute you wake up and get out of bed, thank the Lord for all you have been given. Think about each specific little thing you can. Reflect on your health, your job, your family, a roof over your head, and food in your fridge. A grateful heart halts your thought process and redirects your energy.

2.) Communicate clearly. Unspoken expectations break relationships, shatter dreams, and isolate hearts. A lot of times we don’t want to tell others what we dream of, but instead we create a quiet expectation. If you are afraid to share your heart with others, you will always be disappointed. You are completely responsible for this, keeping expectations to ourselves is not being kind. There is power in sharing our hearts, dreams, and goals with others. It requires vulnerability but community brings about results. If you expect a friend, a boyfriend, or a husband, to do something, and consider it “standard care”, you will end up crushed. Don’t expect them to do anything. Relationships aren’t contracts. Contracts expect the bare minimum. This is a realllyyyy really hard thing to grasp. But the best relationships operate in an environment where they slash expectations of each other. Create your standards by placing your goals and dreams in their hands; when they love you and care for you, they will do their best to execute the job and help you reach your goals. Take care of others, use your discernment to trust the right individuals with carrying your dreams, and don’t critique every move they make. Serve others and you will be served.

3.) Evaluate less. Set goals, but don’t measure up your success every week. Create a specific check in moment to see how your energy is efficiently pursuing your goals. However, please don’t evaluate your goals as a pass or fail experience. Maybe this month you were way below the amounted sales you wanted to make; accept it. Reevaluate how you can change something the next month. Don’t wallow in the moment and think about your expected results. You can’t change what has already happened, but you can change your next steps.

4.) Live in real time. Sitting and dreaming and writing out your story before it happens is living in a fairytale. We know it won’t play out exactly how we imagine, but we think it is our story. We think we owe it to ourselves to live out the façade in our head. Dream big, but dream out of this world. Go live and soak up life. Create your story through action, and when you are down, rejected, and feel like you are failing, look up. Your dream is still there. It’s hovering over you. Keep climbing, keep moving. Don’t sit and fantasize a life you are not willing to pursue. Pursue every moment through living. Be surprised more and predict less. This is living, this is freedom and this is joy!

Carry out your week with purpose, be intentional, be creative, and be less expecting. You don’t have to have it all figured out. God knows all the details, he doesn’t expect you to. Trust more by living in the present, don’t crush your own heart with ideas that were never meant to happen.

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