Kelly Lochte

Hi there! I’m Kelly Lochte.

I am a passionate, energetic, driven and very goal oriented girl who loves what I do, but loves the people I interact with more. I am motivated by solutions, progress, and transformation that takes place from the inward, out. I love to educate my clients on the “why” they do each exercise because my end goal is always to make the people I work with feel like the best, competent, and confident version of themselves. In return, I thrive off of learning what does and doesn’t work with my clients, myself and my business.

My business motto is that perseverance always has its perfect result. So stick with it and have faith in the progress! I grew up playing all kinds of sports but I never was the leader, the fast one, the best on the team, or the standout. I never had great favor with my coaches but was always considered a great “team player”. It really wasn’t until college that I broke out of my shell as a leader, an athlete and a fitness fanatic. From the moment I showed up on campus and was told I wouldn’t get much playing time, I did everything in my will power tomake sure it was the complete opposite.

I attended Texas Lutheran university where I graduated with honors and a bachelors degree in Exercise Science. I was a member of the women’s Soccer program and track and field program at TLU where I continue to develop a love for movement that drove my competitive spirit. It was the beginning of my senior year when I realized that helping others achieve their fitness goals was what I wanted to do with my life. I immediately stepped into the personal training field for my first post grad job, where I actually worked for Serena!

After taking a step out and starting my own personal training business in 2017, I have operated my own business for three years now. There have been a lot of giants I have had to tackle along the way, a lot of learning, and a lot of trial and error with having my own business. My passion to help others become their best version of themselves, is exactly why I am so fired up for The Business of Fitness program!

We want to help YOU take less wrong turns on your path to success! We have created a space with less intimidation, less error, MORE impacted lives, and MORE financial stability. So what do you say? Get on board-we’re going out of space with this vision! 


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