Harvest Time

You reap what you sow! We have heard it a million times, we apply it intentionally to certain areas of our life, and try to bury deeper the seed we aren’t proud of. The thing is, buried seed always grows. Are we producing crops that we are proud of or entangling weeds? Are we staring at empty dirt confused and perplexed at our lack of production?

Okay, we get it. We have to sow good seed to produce good crop. So what does that actually look like in our lives? How can we practically apply proper steps to produce a ripe harvest? Believe it or not, it’s in every little decision you make and every thought you think. The harvest is in the mundane. The daily routine specifically. So let’s talk about 4 step in establishing a good routine that will produce a promising future.

1.) Break your harvest up into daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals. Know your purpose for all the little things you do. When you have a blueprint for the big picture, it becomes easier to set smaller tangible goals that will feed into your big goal. This is your fertilizer and it’s very important in order for your seed to grow.

2.) Water your harvest. Establishing and manifesting what you want your future to look like is only the first part. You have to put in the work every single day. But when you do the daily tasks, there is balance. You don’t need to flood your mission with water when you give it daily attention. The load is much less strenuous when you are doing the daily things to nurture your vision. Depending on what you’re trying to create, that can look different in everyone’s lives. But just in the way you take care of your own body with food, sleep, and water, you need to take care of the seed you are planting. Baby steps.

3.) Shade your harvest. Protect your harvest from negative voices, false teaching, and too much sunlight. There will be people in your life that want to give you advice and want to help you. This is good, but don’t let their bright light burn out your direction. This can be especially dangerous with those closest to you. So take in outside voices, but remember you are in control of protecting your seed.

4.) Speak life over your harvest. There will be days when you see no growth, there will be weeks that make you question what you are pursuing- do not let the lack of visible growth affect how you speak over your future. Your attitude is apart of the investment. Speak life, truth, and words of faith over your dream. God rewards the faithful. Be relentless in your passion. And do it daily.

Your harvest will come! Take the time to establish daily steps that set your crop up for success. You have as much in store as you believe you do. Believe in yourself every single day. Sow daily seed. Fertilize, water, shade, and speak life over your dream. Then watch it come to life.

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