Firsts Fruits

A brand-new month, a brand new year, a turn of a leaf, and a much needed fresh outlook. New year resolutions have been made, goals have been set, and minds are narrowed in on the 378 things they want to accomplish in the next thirty days. Here’s the thing, it is in our human nature to want to give everything to every area of our lives. Our personal lives, our work lives, and our spiritual lives are constantly in a battle to assert dominance and we give them each a part of ourselves. The problem with this is, we will never make leeway with the areas we want to grow in if we don’t put some blinders on and give one area our prime attention. The principle of giving our greatest priority, our first fruit is much overlooked in today’s society. The person that does it all and gives their full basket of fruit away is over praised for their ability to divide attention. In reality, this practice stirs distraction and confusion. Today, I want to discuss some practices I do to ensure I am giving my first to my best, creating clear vision, and preparing myself for a focused year.

January is always one of the toughest, isolated, sacrificial YET rewarding months of my year. Every year I do a twenty-one days to a month of fasting alongside my church. Fasting is temporarily cutting something out of your life so you can focus more on prayer and drawing closer to God. Despite what your beliefs are, this is a great practice to help you de-clutter your mind from the hundreds of things you have to do every day. Fasting can be giving up anything you want it to be, but I usually pick something that I am distracted by or have a hard time going without. Years before I have given up social media, processed food, meat, alcohol and so on. Now, take a moment to think about the things that consume your time and write down a list of your biggest distractions and strongest desires.

Okay, you’ve written down your list. Now, on your list which would be the MOST difficult to go without? Do you think you could go without it for a month? How would this give you more time to focus on the area you want to grow? Now I know I have thrown a lot of hypothetical questions at you, but this isn’t where it ends. The hard part isn’t just sacrificing your distraction; the hard part is USING that extra time you have to spend doing something that will benefit you. Maybe it’s going to bed earlier, maybe it’s reading a book on a specific topic of interest, maybe it’s praying, maybe it’s exercising, maybe it’s spending time with your loved ones. At first it may be difficult but give it a month and see how your mindset, clarity, and perspective changes. Make the most of 2021; give your first fruits up in exchange for increased awareness and peace! I CAN do it; you CAN do it. Focus on what matters most to you and watch the energy you create affect the rest of your year!

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