Dream Bigger

Okay, you’re here. You’ve started your very own business. You’re rockin’n rollin’ and doing the dang thing! Everything is smooth sailing, your client base is growing, and the dollar bills are rolling in. It’s been six months and you’ve built a multi-million-dollarbusiness from the ground, up.

Sponsorships are rolling in and you’ve now built out an incredible team of ten employees. PSYCH. We all know this is NOT how a business goes and grows; there are bumps, bruises, hiccups and roadblocks along the way. But let’s say in a perfect world, your business is rolling smoothly and that quickly. Do you have a vision of where you want to take it? If you’re running a business, ask yourself these three questions.

1.) What’s my business vision for five months, a year, five years, and ten years? It seems like such a cliché thing to do; but it is so essential to have a vision of how you want to grow and where you want to grow! Do you want to keep your business mobile, do you want to have a home base, do you want to grow your number of employees, do you want to become statewide, nationwide, or international? Envision and write down a timeline of how you want to grow. You might hear people say you need to be present where you are, which is true, butyou should also have a dream board of how high you want to climb.

2.) Are my dreams limited by my mindset or those around me? Do you feel silly and stupid when you write out long term goals? Do you just nod and smile when people tell you that you are going to change the world? Or do you really believe it? Maybe someone in your life has made you believe you can only think realistically. Maybe someone who you look up to has drilled in your brain to have a tangible goal in mind. I say, dream BIGGER.

Have a non-tangiblegoal in mind. Part of growing is stretching. Stretching isn’t shooting for the stars, stretching is shooting for the furthest galaxy in the universe. Start imagining bigger things for yourself! Yes, you need to build the right rocket ship to get there, but that’s in the hustle of the journey. Are you going to fail? Yes. Is it going to hurt? Yes. Are you going to keep going? YES. Expand your horizons and surround yourself with people that encourage your crazy, wild dreams. Think of all the things that we have today because of someone’s crazy dream. Landing on the moon, flying a plane, phone calls, wireless technology.


3.) What am I doing to make that dream a reality? Ok! You have the vision, now what are the steps? You can’t run without walking first; take a step forward. OR maybe it’s a step back. But nonetheless, step. It’s part of learning, it’s part of growing.Craft up a plan to get where you want to go and outsource with those that care about you and have walked your path. A dream without a plan is a wish! Wishes are like balloons, they’re light, airy and shoot for the stars. But they eventually pop under pressure and completely disappear.

We want hot air balloons; the same concept but with purpose. Always stay reminded of your purpose, always be thinking and creating a plan. Plans will fail you, but your heart and passion is going to give you the resilience to try again and again..and again until you get it. Stay encouraged, stay dreaming, stay purposeful. You got this! We believe in you and we are always there to help you if you need it. We’ve taken steps, we’ve failed, and we continuously will!

But we want our experiences to help guide you from making the same mistakes. If you need help with your vision, let us be your guiding light!

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