Does Your Character Align With Your Career

How many of you can say that what you do for a living edifies your core values? If you currently work for a corporate company, does the business mission statement matter to you?

Does the work your business does, the people they work with, the lives they impact, and the way they go about it matter to you? Hopefully you answered yes. You should care about the values in how your business operates and this is why.

1.) You are not the total sum on the things you do but you are the total sum of the things you represent.

What I mean by this is, your career and purpose should always center around the

positive impact you have on LIVES. No matter how much money you make or how many programs or products you sell, how you treat people and hold up to your word defines your character. Whether it’s your own company or someone you work for, be aware of the work you do! When you care about your work, it becomes fueled less by a need to survive and more of a desire which produces organic passion. Think about your life in total, how are you impacting those around you-how can you start?

2.) How you identify yourself should be backed in your actions.

If you tell your clients you’re vegan but post picture of yourself out eating at steak

restaurants, they’re going to start questioning other things you tell them as well. This is gathered in not just the big statements but the small interactions as well. Simple conversations add up over time; be intentional and sincere with your words.

3.) Don’t be afraid to say when you’re wrong.Live in humility. Nobody knows everything about what they do. Having the word ”professional” in front of your occupation does not mean you are all seeing and all knowing. And that’s a good thing!

We want to continue to learn and continue to grow in our field; if we learn everything in the beginning of our career, experience would have no value. It’s not always easy to admit when we are wrong about something, there’s much value in admitting that we made a mistake. The value lengthens when we take the effort to find a new solution.

For example, if a certain workout program you thought would help an individual isn’t helping them lose weight, be quick to say, “I don’t think this programming is bringing about change, but I am continuing to research and here’s why I want to try instead.” Research is always being developed, keep learning and growing with your career and remind your clients of this as well!

4.) Know your business mission statement and make sure it aligns with your ethics.

When your work gets tough, remind yourself of what you do and who you are helping. If you’re a person who cares about the impact you have on this world and the people in it, make sure you’re in a line of work that fulfills this purpose. You were created to fulfill purpose whether that’s stocking a shelf, or running a multimillion dollar business.

As a personal trainer, I remind myself of the purpose I have every week. I remind myself of my business motto and why my work is important. My clients development internally and externally matters to me and I make sure my work has a lasting effect on them. THAT is what drives me. That is what inspires me and keeps me doing what I LOVE. Remember that who you

are should translate in the work you do. Do good work! Be diligent, be intentional; you can change lives right where you are.

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