Be The Light

There is so much negativity in our every-day lives. We get on social media and we see people bashing each other in political debates. On Instagram, women tear other women down, on twitter every opinion is chastised. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Social media is just ONE aspect to our lives. Let alone, our friendships, work relationships, interactions out in public with strangers and aggressive body language when we get offended. Criticism continues to spike, authenticity is opaque, and humility is unrecognizable. Lending a hand without an expected return is unheard of. How SAD is that? In a world where technology advances and the ability to connect is at an all-time high, connection has increasingly become disengaged.

Maybe you’re on to the toxicity of this kind of environment.

Maybe you want to create a different atmosphere.

Maybe you want to be the light in a room full of darkness.

So now my question to you is are you someone who likes to light up the room or looks for the room that’s already lit? My challenge to you is why not be both? Be the trendsetter and the cheerleader. But when you expend your energy make sure you aren’t wasting your charge.

What do you mean?

Don’t keep lighting up a room that blows out your flame.

Give opportunity for people to change. Always give your best energy to each interaction you encounter. However, recognize when someone wants to continuously sabotage your agenda, energy, and joy. The light you share with others is never wasted but having the wisdom when to move on to a new room, a new environment or a new recharge is important. Being in leadership positions is challenging, you will face opposition, you will face people who will make you realize the importance of knowing your “why”. This is good! We need people in our lives that make us dig deep, challenge our beliefs and question our motives. What we need to be careful of is that we aren’t pouring into a black hole. Know when you need to walk away gracefully! Don’t lose your zeal, don’t lose your light, just change your direction.

Remember your purpose.

Your purpose is to bring light and to GIVE light. If it isn’t received, don’t beat yourself up. Your consistency in character will go a long way and someone in the shadows might be taking it all in. The way you treat others, the way you don’t dim your light under the heaviness of pressure speaks volumes. In fact, when you are surrounded by darkness, your light shines the brightest. It might make you stand out; it may make you look different, but it holds power.

Finding a new room to light isn’t exclusion, it’s protection.

It’s easy to get attacked when you deny, walk away, or change direction of where you’re headed. We are creatures of habit, and routine. When we go against the current, it makes heads turn. It’s easy to feel stupid, exclusive, and critical. Remember though, if your flame keeps getting put out by your environment, a new direction is needed. You need a recharge station, and you need a support system that charges you up so you can shine brighter. You aren’t being selfish. You can’t reach many with burning coals, you need the full flame! Good healthy friction brings a flame, but it takes two of the same kind of material to bring to life. Find your environment that makes your flame grow, conflict is always welcome but the closer the conflict gets to you, the more concerning it becomes. The things closest to you, must build you up, encourage you, and help guide you so you can thrive in any environment. You help others by expending what you have stored inside your heart and mind.

A couple takeaways for today:

In negative environments, stand out with your positivity. Surround yourself closely with people that breathe life into you. Continue to shine even in the shade. If your energy continues to be drained, find a new charging station. And lastly, don’t be afraid when you cause a stir. You’re stirring new flames in dormant hearts! Results aren’t immediate and aren’t in your control. Leave the change to God and continue to shine on, my mighty flame! You are making a difference in the world, whether you realize it or not.

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