It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Or is it? As a kid I saw Christmas time as the most magical, generous, and joyous time of the year. As I’ve gotten older, I see how it can produce stress, sadness, and heavy pressure to deliver. But does it have to? How much of that can we control?

The stress attributed to the holidays arises in greater degrees related to our jobs. The end of the year demands a lot of deliverables. So how do we enjoy the holidays while still operating successfully in our workplace? Is there a way. Here are five ways I have constructed to help minimize stress during the most wonderful time of the year.

1.) Start planning in October.

Don’t wait until Black Friday to construct your holiday schedule. This regards personal and work life. Think about how many days you will be taking off, when clients will be out of town, how your packages will renew going into the new year and so on. If you start thinking about your holiday plans around Thanksgiving, you’re already behind. Time doesn’t slow down, use it wisely and give yourself a task to schedule day by day, months in advance.

2.) Purchase your loved one’s gifts spaced out.

Finding good Black Friday deals is understandable, but if you try to do all your shopping in one day, you not only are force gifts, but you break your wallet! In your planning process in October, start paying attention to the things your people want. Pay attention to sales, and if you find a great spontaneous gift, grab it! Don’t get fooled into payment plans on sites; it’s an easy way to have charges you’ll eventually forget about. Instead, develop your own payment plans by buying gifts one at a time, allowing you to stay in check with your bank account.

3.) Don’t say yes to every holiday party.

I know, parties are FUN. Holiday parties are extra fun, and when you’re invited to one, you feel extra special. But, eventually every weekend of the month will be filled, you’ll have twelve different white elephant gifts to get, and 10 potluck dishes to “make” at Costco. Save yourself!! Commit to the ones you really want to be at, with the people that you are closest to. And maybe some of those gifts you grabbed earlier, you already planned out for a white elephant gift.

4.) Don’t negate your rest rituals.

Because of all the extra parties, decorating, events, gift giving, planning etc. we tend to negate our normal routine we have on our weekends or off days. It’s easy to want to add a lot of stimulus to our weekends, especially when it’s fun, but “fun” isn’t rest or attributing to our health . Rest is important. Keeping your healthy habits is important. Whether you have slow Saturday mornings, take time to read, do a workout, go to church, do laundry, sleep in, don’t stop doing these things! Maybe you sacrifice a few things but take the time to keep your health habits consistent. It will give you more energy to enjoy the holiday season and make you feel balanced!

5.) Take time off.

It seems like a standard thing for most people to take time off around the holidays, but it is not! Especially for business owners, it actually sometimes feels like there is more work to prepare for a new year. It’s like the end of the race, or the final hours before a big event; you run around like a headless chicken trying to get more and more things done. STOP. Not only should you make yourself present emotionally and physically for your family, but you need to allow yourself to have times where you’re still. It comes back to the notion that REST IS IMPORTANT. Time off can look different for each individual. You can cut your work weekdays, take consecutive time off before Christmas, after Christmas, whatever works for you. But please, please take time off. You will be a more efficient business owner when your mind has had time to shut down and focus on other things. Trust me, do it.

I hope you enjoyed these five strategies to lower stress throughout the holidays. Whether you already practice some of them now or are planning on doing so next season, take them into account as you enter this holiday season. Less stress is always best!

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Okay, you’re here. You’ve started your very own business. You’re rockin’n rollin’ and doing the dang thing! Everything is smooth sailing, your client base is growing, and the dollar bills are rolling in. It’s been six months and you’ve built a multi-million-dollarbusiness from the ground, up.

Sponsorships are rolling in and you’ve now built out an incredible team of ten employees. PSYCH. We all know this is NOT how a business goes and grows; there are bumps, bruises, hiccups and roadblocks along the way. But let’s say in a perfect world, your business is rolling smoothly and that quickly. Do you have a vision of where you want to take it? If you’re running a business, ask yourself these three questions.

1.) What’s my business vision for five months, a year, five years, and ten years? It seems like such a cliché thing to do; but it is so essential to have a vision of how you want to grow and where you want to grow! Do you want to keep your business mobile, do you want to have a home base, do you want to grow your number of employees, do you want to become statewide, nationwide, or international? Envision and write down a timeline of how you want to grow. You might hear people say you need to be present where you are, which is true, butyou should also have a dream board of how high you want to climb.

2.) Are my dreams limited by my mindset or those around me? Do you feel silly and stupid when you write out long term goals? Do you just nod and smile when people tell you that you are going to change the world? Or do you really believe it? Maybe someone in your life has made you believe you can only think realistically. Maybe someone who you look up to has drilled in your brain to have a tangible goal in mind. I say, dream BIGGER.

Have a non-tangiblegoal in mind. Part of growing is stretching. Stretching isn’t shooting for the stars, stretching is shooting for the furthest galaxy in the universe. Start imagining bigger things for yourself! Yes, you need to build the right rocket ship to get there, but that’s in the hustle of the journey. Are you going to fail? Yes. Is it going to hurt? Yes. Are you going to keep going? YES. Expand your horizons and surround yourself with people that encourage your crazy, wild dreams. Think of all the things that we have today because of someone’s crazy dream. Landing on the moon, flying a plane, phone calls, wireless technology.


3.) What am I doing to make that dream a reality? Ok! You have the vision, now what are the steps? You can’t run without walking first; take a step forward. OR maybe it’s a step back. But nonetheless, step. It’s part of learning, it’s part of growing.Craft up a plan to get where you want to go and outsource with those that care about you and have walked your path. A dream without a plan is a wish! Wishes are like balloons, they’re light, airy and shoot for the stars. But they eventually pop under pressure and completely disappear.

We want hot air balloons; the same concept but with purpose. Always stay reminded of your purpose, always be thinking and creating a plan. Plans will fail you, but your heart and passion is going to give you the resilience to try again and again..and again until you get it. Stay encouraged, stay dreaming, stay purposeful. You got this! We believe in you and we are always there to help you if you need it. We’ve taken steps, we’ve failed, and we continuously will!

But we want our experiences to help guide you from making the same mistakes. If you need help with your vision, let us be your guiding light!

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Everyone knows how a bad start to a day can absolutely kill the vibe for the entire workday! It’s wild to think so many of us let one thing affect our day that much, but it nonetheless happens quite often. Although it does happen, it’s totally preventable. With some intentional practices, you can start your day off feeling prepared, blessed and much less stressed.

Transparently, I have allowed my mindset to affect days, weeks, and months of work. When I started to realize that the beauty in running my own business is, I hold the control in the environment atmosphere; I started to become more intentional with preparing myself for a successful day. Yes, there are still really tough days, and things out of my control, but controlling my mindset has transformed my ability to produce positive energy throughout my


Here are the five things I started implementing into my day to assure that I was on the right track to an amazing day:

1.) Dust your feet off before you hit the floor. Whatever mood you wake up in, whatever thing on your mind you have already giving you anxiety, whatever yesterday’s offensive comment you have stuck on your brain, dust it off! Do not get up and take that energy with you into the rest of your day.

2.) Start your day with a thankful heart. Wake up and be grateful! You’re breathing, you’re alive, you have a job, you’re healthy. There are so many things we take for granted that we shouldn’t and when you start your day thanking God for all the things, opportunities and people you have around you; you heart is naturally softened. Any blows that wants to come your way, your heart has room to filter before it sends your brain in a negative down spiral.

Thankful hearts are loving hearts and loving hearts helps us love others better. So write some things down you’re thankful for or lift it up in praise to God. Dance it out, pray it out, or spell it out. Totally up to you and the time you have, but it makes a big difference in your day!

3.) Prepare your Meals ahead of time.

Have a plan for breakfast, dinner AND lunch. I say it in this order because I, personally am the queen of having my dinner ready to go, my breakfast ready to go and thinking I’m baller enough to skip lunch. I’ve discovered that over 12-hour days with over 12 clients, I am in fact...not baller enough to skip lunch. Instead my stomach gets balled up and I become irritated, tired, distracted with my clients, and obviously ridiculous hungry. I’ve started packing snack packs because I don’t like a big lunch and I highly recommend it! Even if you aren’t gone all day, you never know if traffic gets really bad or your metabolism is extra revved up; grab a snack.

Plus, a big bonus with packing a lunch is the serotonin release of having something to open later in the day. Idk, I can’t explain it. Just try it!

4.) Prepare your personal workouts ahead of time. Figure out when you get to release some endorphins. Don’t go into your day realizing that you haven’t made enough time to work out for the next three days because you overbooked. As someone in the fitness world, it’s going to be important to you that you get to take care of your body and get the exercise you love. So, find the time, if it’s not there create the time. You aren’t

being selfish by blocking out a window for your own health and goals. It can be quick, and efficient but make sure you’re getting something in. My days vary and part of being a personal trainer is going with the flow on your own personal needs, but I still make the time to work out as much I need to that week.

Sometimes I have to work out after a long day and it’s tough but if I know the next day is Friday, I can do it! Sometimes I do it before my day starts in the morning and don’t start my clients until noon. I do this because I know that’s going to be important for me to have a good day. Know your body and its needs just as well as you know your clients’.

5.) Prepare your mind. We’ve talked about preparing your heart, tummy, your body, and now it’s time to talk about preparing your mind. As someone who is strong in their faith and also is a huge health/ personal development data nerd, I prioritize my time I get to spend feeding my soul with scripture and new information. I don’t always get to do this, but I’ve realized it’s an essential

part of my day. I love to start my days reading my bible and my devotional, then in the car I listen to a lot of podcasts. Usually these are on women’s health, and inspiring blog biographies from different people.

I live to inspire and be inspired. The more I keep my mind churning and focusing on overcoming, believing the impossible, and ways I can grow my spiritual gifting; the

more in-tune I feel with my purpose in life.

This may look different for you. But prioritize each day how you are going to nurture and grow yourself in the environment you’re in. This can happen through a healthy conversation with a loved one, this can happen in various ways. Find your way, your reason and go for it. Learn to live bigger and love bigger through keeping your brain alert. It might add time to your day but once you get a routine down, it’ll keep your light on upstairs much longer.

So, here are my favorite 5 steps to kickstart a successful day and week! If you’re struggling with finding time for things or have had a negative outlook on life lately; give these a try. I hope it helps you enjoy what you do to the max! Because that’s how we should all be living. ❤️

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