I know 2020 has been a hellish year for all of us. I’ve heard so many people mentioning the fact that they just can’t wait for it to be 2021 already. I get the meaning behind this statement buthonestly what is a turn of a year going to immediately change? The interesting thing is, this mindset, despite the devastating year is nothing new.

Many of us, I included, find ourselves looking to start fresh. Although fresh starts are mentally helpful; what about if we changed our perspective and focused more on the goals, we set in 2020? How would our lives look if we started the new year pursuing our 2020 goals at a more intense level? Let’s talk about a few misconceptions we need to rid our minds of in order to have a transformational new year.

1.) “The hardest part is starting something.” Wrong. Starting something is easy. It’s a choice THAT day. As simple as picking out a sandwich at subway, starting something new doesn’t take as much courage as make it out to be. Think of all the little things you have started in your life and never finished. The hardest part isn’t starting something, it’s deciding to start it over and over again despite the roadblocks you face in the journey. Resilience and perseverance surrounding the “new” start to the new thing, is what is most difficult. So as 2021 approaches us, what new thing did you start this year that you would like to continue to persevere in?

2.) “New Year, New me.” Wrong again. You don’t get a new identity because the clock struck 12 on the last day of the year. That doesn’t mean you need to hold onto things that are affecting you negatively. A turn of a new year means renewed grace through your failures but perseverance through your trials. You are capable of incredible things despite what you have faced! Failure doesn’t mean you have to wipe your slate clean and plant seed in a different space. Turning a new leaf doesn’t mean you kill the one dream that you have been wanting to plant for so long. Maybe it just means you have pruning to do and maybe 2021 is the space to do so. Search your heart and the things that initially drew you into chase after. Are they still worth chasing?

3.) “The best things in life come easy.” You’ll hear this in regard to relationships whether it’s amicable or romantic. People will tell you to trust your gut and your first impression. Although this can be true in some senses, this is a wrong mindset to have. Finding victory in relationship, business, physical appearance, and health are not always easy. There can be easy aspects and your attitude can be an easy “yes” to pursue it, but the best things in life take time, attention and nurture. What goals are you going to nurture in 2021? What flicker of a flame are you wanting to ignite into a roaring bonfire this year?

Take some time to think about your dreams you’re carrying with you from this year to next. Write down how you want to take them to the next level and what you’re going to do about it. Give yourself ample tries to get it right but keep chasing it! It’s always worth it. Develop the person you’re becoming, don’t erase your canvas; add to the masterpiece!

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Mele Kalikimaka is the place for meeee! Everyone knows that classic Christmas jingle but my bigger question to bring up is, how do you feel at the end of the year? Are you ready for a Christmas vacation? Are you also under several deadlines and pressure to bring in a certain revenue at this time of the year? How do you balance both? Take a few minutes to think about how you handle your holiday stress and stress relief. Now let me give you three steps you can take to make sure you have the best Christmas vacation and why you need one.

Figure out if you would rather take your Christmas vacation before Christmas, after, or a little bit of both.

Like fitness, business, and personal goals, you have to have a plan in mind so you can maximize your experience. Figure out if you are staying close by, visiting family, or going away. Once you know this, decide what fuels your rest fulfillment. Do you enjoy your time being free leading up to the big event (Christmas) or do you like to work right up to it, and relax after it’s over? If you know you are a last-minute shopper, maybe you need a few days before and a few days after.

Or perhaps, you haven’t left the city all year long. Do everyone a favor around you and get out of town. Whether it’s an outdoors adventure with your family or that sandy beach, find time to change up your scenery. It makes the world of difference in your outlook when your environment has been refreshed a few times a year.

2. Let your clients know you plan on taking time off and how this will affect normal payment schedules and workout routines.

Holiday stress affects everyone to some degree, especially in regard to finances. So, the quickest way to upset your clients is by not having an adjustment plan for your services if you are booking them month to month. Even if you are planning on taking time off, some people live far from their family, don’t pay much attention to the holidays, and don’t like their routine adjusted.

They don’t plan on taking time off so they assume you won’t either. Wrong. Don’t be persuaded, even by your nicest, hardest working clients. When you enjoy working with clients, it’s hard to tell yourself that you need a break from ALL clients. But you do. Don’t pick your favorite work project to keep pursuing through your holiday “break.” A full break is necessary. When discussing your scheduling adjustments, be gentle, yet firm with how you approach this. And do so before the holiday season begins!

3. Budget your holiday spending off your adjusted December income, not your regular monthly income.

If you plan on spending money on all your favorite people, make sure you realize that your bills, rent, groceries, gas money, don’t go on pause mode. Unless you have set aside money ahead of time for your Christmas spending, understand that holiday spending brings a much different level of heat to the check book. Everyone knows this, but not many people adjust to it. Don’t dig yourself in a hole. Understand that as an entrepreneur in the early phases, your work you put in is what you get out. If you aren’t working, you aren’t making money. Paid vacations aren’t a thing, you either can afford to take them because you’ve been wise with your money until then, or you take a hit. It’s the hardest part of being a business owner. If you rest, so does your business.

Especially when you are the only employee. So keep in mind that rest, and time from work means you most likely will be making less money around the time of year you need it the most. If any of you have certain ways that you adjust your client schedule to fulfill your much-needed rest while still keeping the bank account steady, feel free to share! As much as we love to share our business savvy wisdom, we also love to hear other voices as well.

Regardless of how you take your Christmas vacation, keeping an open communication line with your clients leading up to the holiday craze is the best way to keep both parties involved, satisfied and understanding. Your client’s health matters, but so does yours. Work hard, work intentionally with each client you have year-round, and they’ll most likely be more than willing to give you the time you need off with a joyful heart. And If you absolutely need the money, then adjust your schedule as light as you can. It will make a difference in your attitude as well. ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

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Everybody knows the holiday season brings lots of cheer. And when I say lots of cheer, I’m referring to the baked goods and Booze. Whether it’s a gift, a work party, or you’re home for the holidays. There’s no doubt there will be a surplus of sugary foods and drinks. Now, there’s several different ways people attack the holidays. Everyone has that aunt or coworker who never has a cookie and packs her own snacks. Let’s call her Lisa. No one likes Lisa during the holidays. She’s uptight, boring and force laughs at every joke while everyone else is three drinks, and ½ a dozen cookies in. When Lisa walks out of the party in her leather pants though everyone is jealous. Then let’s say we have Barbie. Barbie loves the holidays. She makes a mean peppermint spiked eggnog and loves to bake. She’s been soooogood all fall and has finally started to shed the weight! But Barbie doesn’t want to be a bah humbug all holiday season. She wants to enjoy the time with her family and the holiday events that take place. It’s December third and Barbie has already eaten through her entire cookie advent calendar. She tells herself she’s done too much damage and she’ll pick her routine back up come January first. Who do we want to be? These seem like two extreme cases, but I am sure each of you know someone of each. Maybe it’s you. Are you tired of throwing away your hard work for one month? Are you sick of saying no to every tasty treat? It’s time we crack these holiday stigmas; I’m here to tell you that you can both enjoy your holiday break while still staying away from the naughty list. Here’s how!

1.) Don’t neglect your exercise. Last week’s blog highlighted not to neglect your rest during the holidays, but don’t disregard your exercise either! Your body has worked for months to be a certain way. Days, weeks, a month of rest will definitely affect your homeostasis. Maybe your exercise routine will look different, but when you go from working your body and eating clean to sitting down all day and consuming double the calories; you will take a hit. Many people think their body needs rest, which it does but remember our bodies are extremely efficient at adapting. When you are consuming a lot more carbohydrates and fats, you are essentially fueling your body with energy. Deliver that energy by moving your body.

2.) Portion your treats. The one thing I have learned about enjoying tasty foods while not throwing my goals to the wind is, portion matters! Maybe you want to try the cookie AND the cake. Half your portions. Most of the time we crave that flavor not the fat. Take the time to eat the tasty foods in smaller portions. And then, if you really want more, go for it! But give yourself some time to process your stomach’s wants verse needs.

3.) Don’t become a, “ I never” or “I always”. By this I mean do not identify yourself with being Lisa or Barbie! Your eating patterns do not define you. You don’t need to set rules for your holiday eating patterns. Listen to your body and become present with your environment. If someone took the time to bake something and really wants you to try it, try a piece! If you can go to Costco and take all the samples, you can sample your friends’ and family dishes as well.  

I hope these tips help keep you in your tip top shape this holiday season! But remember if you gain a few pounds or get a little off your routine, each day is a new day to start over and make new decisions. One bad day or night of eating does not ruin the entire month or season. Enjoy your holiday season, eat the cakes, but don’t go on a workout hiatus!

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