You reap what you sow! We have heard it a million times, we apply it intentionally to certain areas of our life, and try to bury deeper the seed we aren’t proud of. The thing is, buried seed always grows. Are we producing crops that we are proud of or entangling weeds? Are we staring at empty dirt confused and perplexed at our lack of production?

Okay, we get it. We have to sow good seed to produce good crop. So what does that actually look like in our lives? How can we practically apply proper steps to produce a ripe harvest? Believe it or not, it’s in every little decision you make and every thought you think. The harvest is in the mundane. The daily routine specifically. So let’s talk about 4 step in establishing a good routine that will produce a promising future.

1.) Break your harvest up into daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals. Know your purpose for all the little things you do. When you have a blueprint for the big picture, it becomes easier to set smaller tangible goals that will feed into your big goal. This is your fertilizer and it’s very important in order for your seed to grow.

2.) Water your harvest. Establishing and manifesting what you want your future to look like is only the first part. You have to put in the work every single day. But when you do the daily tasks, there is balance. You don’t need to flood your mission with water when you give it daily attention. The load is much less strenuous when you are doing the daily things to nurture your vision. Depending on what you’re trying to create, that can look different in everyone’s lives. But just in the way you take care of your own body with food, sleep, and water, you need to take care of the seed you are planting. Baby steps.

3.) Shade your harvest. Protect your harvest from negative voices, false teaching, and too much sunlight. There will be people in your life that want to give you advice and want to help you. This is good, but don’t let their bright light burn out your direction. This can be especially dangerous with those closest to you. So take in outside voices, but remember you are in control of protecting your seed.

4.) Speak life over your harvest. There will be days when you see no growth, there will be weeks that make you question what you are pursuing- do not let the lack of visible growth affect how you speak over your future. Your attitude is apart of the investment. Speak life, truth, and words of faith over your dream. God rewards the faithful. Be relentless in your passion. And do it daily.

Your harvest will come! Take the time to establish daily steps that set your crop up for success. You have as much in store as you believe you do. Believe in yourself every single day. Sow daily seed. Fertilize, water, shade, and speak life over your dream. Then watch it come to life.

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  • kelly5990

Being a woman in a world full of businessmen is not easy. The evolvement and involvement of women in politics and business has developed over decades but there are still several ways women are interpreted and represented poorly. Today we want to discuss the struggles, the gifts and the power of being a woman in this day and age.

The struggles…

Women are often given a platform if they have a visual appeal. Their voice is more likely to be heard if they represent their topic with lure. Although women are undeniably known for their beauty and recognized for their beauty, their skillset and character should not be interpreted by their beauty. Being presentable and visually pleasing is anyone’s purgative to make a good pitch, but when the success of the story is based on appeal is when women are overly sexualized. A plea, a story, or a mission should be received with all the senses but lead with the ear. The tone, the words, and the call to action should be heard fully. Unfortunately, being a woman, makes it easy to be targeted for trying too hard to attract or not trying enough. This stigma must be broken.

Secondly, being a woman, you are automatically titled as the one who has to “keep up” rather than the one that sets the pace. Men set the pace. Men are born leaders, or they are supposed to be. It is the way God has designed it to be, but it also makes it hard for women to find their right fit for influence and leadership in a world that has been led by men for so long. Women being included in the business world is always led with an undertone of exception.

The gifts…

Women need to stop battling men for the spotlight! The truth is women were built to raise empires as well. The problem is, women need to stop trying to execute the same way a man does. Women are wired differently. It is the inherent truth. Give a man and a woman a task and likely they will go about accomplishing it in a completely different way. This does not need to be a power struggle. This just needs to be recognized and tapped into in a completely different way. Women, your brains are created with different recognition as men. This is a blessing, do not try to compare muscle to muscle. The man will continue to win. Look at your dexterity strengths, your ability to unravel, your ability to notice detail, your ability to connect, communicate, involve and create. We, as women all have unique gifts but they all collectively attribute to a success story. Embrace your abilities God has given you. Embrace your touch, your spark and your unique gifts. You can only be the best version of yourself that no one else has the power to be. You are the best woman God intended you to be. Keep unraveling your potential, your strengths, and your gifts. And don’t be intimidated by the fact that they will look different than a man’s.

The power…

Women continue to evolve in the business world, they are developing companies, CEO’S, doing the same jobs men have done for centuries in a completely different way. This is the unique power. Women, your power is in your ability to bring about new results in a new way. Your power is not in your ability to measure up, it is in your ability to measure out. You are revolutionizing the world with your different approaches. Men are very much needed in this world, just as women are; but they have their own unique abilities. Women, you are a helpmate. This does NOT mean that you are not good enough to lead, this means you are able to tackle multiple things at once with efficiency, that you can come along side, support, hold up and keep things from crumbling. You are so essential. You carry life. You birth life. You nurture life. You influence. You inspire. You encourage. You build up. You integrate. You include. You are altogether beautiful darling, there is no flaw that can hold you back from living the life God designed for you. Walk this out, shoulders back, head held high, knowing the world can only go on with you in it. When you feel put down, stepped on, overruled, taken advantage of; take a moment to realize that you were created for more. More does not come with having to over assert dominance, it comes with skill to escape toxic situations, to plant yourself in good soil and surround yourself with people that build you up. When you lose a fight, remember the real victory is in the battle. Get back up again, victory is in your promised future, it is a part of your destiny.

As the FIT Business, we encourage our women of influence to not look side to side, or behind, but to look up. No matter where you have been or where you are going, you have a calling ahead of you that only can be accomplished by you. We focus on establishing unique identity, unique calling, and pursuing the path that feels most right to you. We don’t tear down men or other women. We focus on creating good community and establishing good roots so that you can grow strong and tall. If you are reading this as a woman, we hope you stay encouraged in your career path. Stay encouraged in your fight for what you believe is on your heart to pursue, and the dream that’s inside of you; keep going after it. We want to help that become your reality.

  • kelly5990

In an instantaneous world it can be hard to be patient with our careers, relationships, and goals. Overnight success seems to be the standard and perseverance is only glamorous when we are promised something in return. In reality, anything stable and worthwhile is not a 50-piece puzzle. It’s usually a 2,000-piece puzzle. There are times where you have a flow and you see the big picture, and other times where you get lost in a corner. Not everyone has the patience and the desire to keep pressing on. Perseverance through a job, a project, a business can make you feel overwhelmingly dumb for believing in something. Commitment to keep trying will leave you wondering if you’re even on the right path. So how do you know if you’re working on the right puzzle? How do you know that you have all the right pieces? And if you do, how do you refresh your mindset?

1.) Balance.

When we are passionate about something, we want to give it every second of every day. We become addicted to the chase and although this mindset is aggressive, it doesn’t always bring about results. Perseverance isn’t always giving 100 percent of ourselves to one thing. We are multifaceted creatures. We need rest, mentally, physically and we need a healthy balance of play/work in our life. This keeps our mind refreshed, and although it can be hard to break from something, we are trying to accomplish it will help us persevere better in the long run.

2.) Collaborate.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Two brains are more creative than one. Include community, an outside opinion, and a separate set of eyes to help you accomplish what you are going for. Like a large puzzle, having four, six, or eight sets of eyes on a project increases your ability to accomplish more.

3.) Grit.

Sometimes you just have to dig your heels in keep weathering the storm. Keep fighting, keep pushing. If opposition or the slightest bit of failure makes you want to give up, you will never be able to accomplish the hard things in life. You can do hard things! Stand your ground and remember where your strength comes from. This is where your character is developed; this is where things get uncomfortable. This is what texturizes your story.

4.) Humility

We all have pride and should, but a humble posture keeps us reminded and thankful of our victories. You can’t learn when you think you know everything. Be a sponge sometimes. Assume less and understand that your great idea wasn’t always great for the case scenario.

5.) Change your lens.

When we are really excited about an idea, a person, or a plan, we tend to put blinders on. We see just the targeted goal and lose perspective on the big picture. As a result, when we hit a roadblock we feel stuck. Change to the wide lens. Take a step back, look at what caused the friction. Figure out why the puzzle piece that looks so perfect, just isn’t fitting. Change your angle, and maybe you will see the picture entirely different. Once again, this requires humility to be able to do this. But instead of trying to force our way through the blockade, we have a different route to the same goal. A better route. Remember that focus comes with intensity, which although can be a good thing can also cause us to narrow in too closely. Keep a set of multiple lenses by your side.

If you find yourself doing all five of these things and still frustrated with your lack of results, you might be pursuing the wrong thing. Persevering tests your faith, your character, and your endurance. It should not take a heavy toll on your mental health that leaves wounds. It should not make you dread your days for multiple seasons of life. It should not take away your personality. Perseverance should test you, not kill you. Endure trials, not life sentences. You are in control of where you want to go, what and who you want to pursue. Don’t give up easily but be wise with your time and energy.